Cinnabon Rolls out New Pecanbon Bites

–  Miniature, portable treats like grandma used to make also available in traditional Classic Cinnabon flavor  –

Atlanta (Nov. 3, 2008) – Don’t have time to sit down and savor a world-famous Classic roll from Cinnabon, Inc. but still want to indulge in fresh, hot baked goods, one bite at a time?  Then grab a four-count sleeve of new Pecanbon Bites at participating bakeries for a suggested retail price of just $2.99, or add a second order for only two dollars more.* 

Perfect for a quick break from the shopping hustle bustle, these ooey gooey Bites are filled with the brand’s signature Makara® Cinnamon, baked in a tantalizing honey caramel pecan glaze and topped with chopped pecan morsels and the brand’s caramel frosting.

“When we initially introduced Cinnabon® Bites, they were quite the hit, and our Caramel Pecanbon® roll is a fan favorite as well, so we wanted to ‘wow’ our guests by combining these two delicious products into one irresistible treat – or in this case, four,” said Geoff Hill, president of Cinnabon, Inc.

Guests craving the traditional Cinnabon® cinnamon flavor can treat themselves as well with Classic Bites for a suggested retail price as low as $2.49.*  Regardless of which variety you’re after, Pecanbon and Classic Bites are great for sharing – or not. 

* Prices and participation vary by location.


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