Cinnabon Serves Up New “Center of the Roll” Baked Treats

– Available in Cinnabon Classic Roll and Caramel Pecanbon varieties

Atlanta (Sept. 7, 2010) – Nothing compares to a hot, fresh, world-famous Cinnabon Classic Roll filled with signature Makara Cinnamon and smothered with rich cream cheese frosting.  And perhaps the most popular part of a Classic Roll is the ooey, gooey middle. 

That’s why now through November 6, Guests who visit participating bakeries can treat themselves to the new Center of the Roll baked good.*

The Center of the Roll consists of bite-sized pieces of baked sweet dough featuring Makara Cinnamon, brown sugar and caramel smear.  Topped with cream cheese frosting, the Center of the Roll is served hot in a special wrapper that easily unfolds to reveal a visual, aromatic and tasty experience unique to Cinnabon.

The Center of the Roll is also available with pecan pieces and caramel topping to pay homage to the equally popular Caramel Pecanbon.

“The Center of the Roll treats allow us to continue offering the same great Cinnabon taste in a variety of ways,” said Gary Bales, Cinnabon president.  “Guests often crave the middle portion of our famous rolls, so we created these portable, melt-in-your-mouth products as delicious, exciting ways for Cinnabon fans to put some frosting on their day.”

 * Prices and participation vary by location.


2 Responses

  1. Why is the Center of the Roll only going to be available to the public until November 6? Are you discontinuing that product after November 6? Please explain fully.

    • Hello Ron, products like the Center of the Roll are limited time offers, so we want you to get ’em while the gettin’s good! Trust us, they’re GOOD. And who knows, they might pop back up on the menu after their promotional window ends, so keep on visiting your local bakery so you can keep on keepin’ your eyes open for them.

      The Cinnabon PR team

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