Cinnabon Adds Fruit Flavors to Center of the Roll and Mochalatta Chill

Atlanta (Jan. 18, 2011) – Cinnabon is offering new fruit flavors to two of its favorite offerings. The Raspberry Mochalatta Chill and Fruit Topped Center of the Roll are now available for a limited time.

“Since introducing the Center of the Roll, our Guests have raved about the portable version of the ooey, gooey center of our Classic Cinnabon Rolls,” said Kat Cole, Cinnabon president. “After adding the Caramel Pecanbon version, we wanted to give our Guests options to customize their Center of the Roll with toppings.”

The Center of the Roll consists of bite-sized pieces of baked sweet dough featuring Makara Cinnamon and brown sugar, and smothered with cream cheese frosting. Now, in addition to the already available caramel pecan version, Guests can add an apple or cherry topping to the classic version.

“For more than 20 years, the Mochalatta Chill has been a Guest favorite – combining coffee, chocolate and ice to create an indulgent specialty beverage,” added Cole. “The new Raspberry Mochalatta Chill is delicious when paired with the Fruit Topping Center of the Roll.”

These new fruit flavors are available now through April 30. For more information on these limited-time offers or to find a location near you, visit



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