Part of the FOCUS Brands portfolio of foodservice concepts, Cinnabon currently operates more than 770 franchised locations worldwide, primarily in high traffic venues such as shopping malls, airports, train stations, travel plazas, entertainment centers, academic institutions and military establishments.  Visit www.cinnabon.com for more information.


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  1. We really need a Cinnabon Store’s in Pineville LA or Alexandria LA ?

    • Hi Darren, thanks for your interest in the Cinnabon brand. We use an extensive process to determine the best locations for bakeries to open, as well as viable inquiries from potential independent owners who are interested in purchasing locations. I’m not sure if Pineville and Alexandria, LA are currently or was previously on our radar, but hopefully you’ll be able to continue enjoying our products during your trips to various malls, airports and travel plazas at home and abroad. And better yet, here’s a link to our request for consideration if you want to see about owning your own bakery! http://www.focusbrands.com/rfc.htm?PID=cinnabonWeb

      Hope this helps,

      The Cinnabon PR team

      • I am a commercial real estate broker representing property in the Appleton, Wisc area. We have plans for a new development that is just off the Hwy and near the busiest mall in Wisconsin. Who can I send some data information to on this terrific opportunity? Lura J. Allen

  2. I wish there were Cinnabon outlets in the Detroit area; particularly the northwest
    area suburbs (Redford Twp., Southfield, or Livonia. My nearest outlet is in Dearborn and requires a drive of 12 miles one way to get there.

  3. i would much rather drive 12 miles like david than an hour. i can’t believe you closed down the store in the oakdale mall, johnson city, ny! there is nowhere local inside an hour to get them now. i think scranton, ps, is the closest. and the grands rolls with the icing just is not the same. it’s too bad. i wish there was a more accessible way….any retail plans? other than the cinnapoppers? thanks!

    • Hi Nita – We’re always working to get more products on the grocery shelves. I know they aren’t the same, but they can give you the Makara cinnamon taste you’ve been missing. Kellogg’s now makes a cereal and a breakfast bar. And have you tried the Cinnabon flavor International Delight coffee creamer? It’s delicious! We do hope you’ll still visit when you are near a bakery!

    • HI Nita, I hope you have had a chance to go back to Oakdale – we’ve reopened better than ever!

  4. … I have a question. In times past, Cinnabon used raisins in the cinnamon rolls, but they now do not. Why? Cost (vs.) Sales? Profit-Loss? Many people (like myself) used to order the cinnamon rolls with the raisins, but now they use pecans (which most people have an allergic reaction to nuts versus rasins). Will they ever bring back the raisins? Maybe just through the Holiday Season each year?

    … Sales might just return with higher than average expectations …

    • Hi Larry – Sorry for the delayed response, and thanks for your note. Cinnabon’s original recipe used raisins, but they were removed within a few weeks and have not been in our cinnamon rolls since 1985. Pecans are only used as a topping for the Caramel Pecanbon.

  5. I have been trying to leave feedback, and the form just keeps looping. Quite frustrating.
    Anyway, here is the essence of my feedback:
    I buy Cinnabon Cinnamon Bread on occasion as a special treat, since it’s a bit expensive and I’m disabled and on a fixed income.
    I was disappointed, when, upon opening the bag, I discovered that the top crust had totally separated from the loaf.
    I didn’t bother taking it back to Fry’s, as I no longer had the receipt, don’t own a car and transportation is a problem, and I wasn’t sure if the whole batch would be the same.
    Unfortunately, I will switch brands to avoid any problems in the future.
    But I thought I’d let you know in case there is some issue in the manufacturing of your product. The tag on the bag has a sell-by date of March 14 and the identification C3.

  6. I wish cinnabon would come to newport news virginia. we use to have one in hampton but it closed years ago. really do miss them.

  7. i have a qustion, for a few years i would buy the cinnabon cake/strusel muffin mix and now i can’t it any where. do you guys still make it and if so where can i find it? i made the strusel cake for birthdays holidays and specail occations and it won’t be the same with out,please tell me you still make it,

  8. Any plans of Opening a Branch here in Doha Qatar? We have a brand new mall you can rent or we can franchise the name. Whichever is good.

  9. Where can I buy the new Cinnabon Sprinkles here in Ohio?

  10. Who can I contact about the Libya expansion? We are a company that has done some business there and provide support to companies expanding operations in the Middle East and North Africa.

  11. Hey, Cinnabon…

    I’ve been a huge fan of your products for years, but I’ve got to tell you this: Burger King is KILLING your brand. I was really excited to see the Minibons are now available through BK; however, they’re screwing them up pretty badly. I’ve bought four of them through two different BK outlets, and each time, they’ve been severely undercooked. The middle part (usually my favorite part) is just chewy DOUGH! In addition, one time they gave me a roll that was stone cold! While they did grudgingly heat it in the microwave when I complained, it was still dough in the middle.

    Your retail outlets in the malls and airports deliver consistently excellent product. Burger King is delivering a pretty consistently terrible product. My experience with BK is causing me to no longer crave Cinnabons!

    Just thought I’d let you know.

  12. can i get the E mail of cinnabon doha please

  13. Please come back to Charleston, SC!!!

  14. i would like to know if you sale the dough so we can make the cinnabon at home or just the flour prepared so we can make some at home with the kids. Can you pls let me know? Thanks

  15. Desperately looking for jars of the Cinnabon sprinkle topping. Is it available in VA anywhere?


  17. When is the Cinnabon opening in ‘The Mall’ in Johnson City, TN? I heard it was coming, but I don’t know when. I can’t wait!!!

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